Behavioral Expectations

Every university student and student organization must:

  • Wear a mask or cloth face covering in UF and UF Health facilities as required by the university’s Masking and Physical Distancing policy.
  • Wear a face covering in UF outdoor spaces when the space does not allow for appropriate physical distancing as required by the university’s Masking and Physical Distancing policy.
  • Follow all university published guidance on events and gatherings, including the Campus Events and Gatherings in Response to COVID-19 policy.
  • Comply immediately with a request from a university official addressing health, safety or welfare such as a request to wear a face covering, maintain physical distancing or comply with other applicable law, policy or order while on university property, inside a university facility or attending a university sponsored event.
  • Follow all COVID-19 related published policies, guidelines, laws and orders issued by the county, city, state or other applicable agency while on and off campus. If a county or city ordinance conflicts with a university policy, university policy will control on the university campus.


Town Halls

Hear the latest from campus leaders on our plans for fall semester and how we can support a healthier campus environment

Health Education and Literacy Organization

Hosted by the Black Student Union and Health Education Literacy Objective, the webinar was geared toward students who had questions about the University of Florida’s plans for reopening and gradually returning our university to its full capacity.

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A Safer and Healthier Educational Experience

Hosted by UF Human Resources, UF Vice President D’Andra Mull was joined by several other UF leaders to discuss how we can all work together to provide a safer and healthier educational experience this fall.

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