Undergraduate students are selected as “Reitz Scholars” each year, and previous Reitz Scholars must apply for consideration. Emphasis is placed upon identifying students from a broad spectrum of university life, including academic, political, religious, recreational, and service organizations. Students selected to be “Reitz Scholars” receive educational enhancements and an intentional leadership program that requires extensive participation.
Note that this is not a scholarship program and scholarship funds will not be disbursed.

Please click the boxes below to learn more about the selection criteria and application process.

Minimum qualifications for consideration for a Reitz Scholar include:
· Full-time enrollment at the University of Florida as a degree-seeking undergraduate.
· Applicants must have completed at least two semesters in residence. Once students graduate with their bachelor’s degree, they are no longer eligible for the program.
· A 3.25 GPA in all academic work at the University of Florida.
· Evidence of leadership and service at the University of Florida through student organizations, academic groups, or other associations.
· A high standard of ethical behavior.
· Applicants will need one letter of recommendation from individuals directly related to the applicant’s accomplishments or service during their time at UF, typically faculty or staff or a community member. Stronger letters are from non-students. It is preferred that letters of recommendation be submitted electronically in PDF format by the deadline. Applications that do not include this letter will not be considered.
The Reitz Scholars will be selected through a two-part process including, application review and interview with Course instructors and/or past scholars and mentors. The selection process for the J. Wayne Reitz Scholar Program takes place at the conclusion of each spring semester to select up to 25 scholars.
The Reitz Scholars are expected to maintain at least a 3.25 grade point average in all of their academic work at the University while pursuing a degree program on a full-time basis. They are expected to volunteer their time in service to the campus and community and to be active leaders in student organizations at UF.

Finally, all Reitz Scholars are expected to be outstanding citizens of the University of Florida community who will conduct their lives with integrity and honor. The program requires attendance at weekly class meetings, one weekend retreat and service project per semester, and other activities for the Reitz Scholars. Becoming a Reitz Scholar means regular participation and being paired with a faculty mentor for individual support.

o Applications will open in the Spring of 2021.
o Upon submission, applicants will be notified for an interview time.
o The interview will be with at least one instructor and at least one lead facilitator.
o Notifications to applications will go out by the first week of May.
Please complete the form below to submit an application.
Completed applications include the following: resume, cover letter, and three short essay responses on the following prompts. Chose one of the two optional responses and complete both of the required essays (word limit: 125 per essay):
1. What are three things you would hope to gain from being a Reitz Scholar?
2. What are three things you would contribute to the Reitz Scholars Program?

Optional (choose one of these questions to answer):
1. What is one thing you would change about UF and why?
2. Success can be defined many ways, how have you chosen to define success for yourself while at UF and share ways based on your definition that you have been successful.

The Deadline to apply for the 2020-2021 Reitz Scholar cohort has passed. Please check back in spring 2021 for the 2021-2022 application.

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