2019-2020 Members

Branden PearsonChair
Stephanie BeltranVice-Chair
Brianna AdanStudent Member
Shannon ChamberlainStudent Member
Catherine Dos Santos AlvesStudent Member
Jackson GloverStudent Member
Andrew GorenStudent Member
Gabrielle ManuszakStudent Member
Lauredan OfficialStudent Member
Oliver IsabellaStudent Member
Anisha PatelStudent Member
Anthony PortuguesStudent Member
Janzen RichStudent Member
Mike MironackEx-Officio
Wilcley LimaEx-Officio
Brian AveryFaculty
Raymond CarthyFaculty
Jason Fraser-NashStaff
Amanda MetzlerStaff
Kellie RobertsFaculty
Rochelle WarmFaculty


Policy and Programs Committee

The Policy and Programs Committee reviews, assesses, and evaluates Reitz Union facilities, programs, and services to ensure that JWRU resources are used to their full potential; ensures that uses and programs are in concert with the JWRU mission, vision, and values; ensures the needs of students and the university community are met as effectively as possible; ensures the JWRU environment is perceived as open, inviting, and welcoming to all; and considers and reviews recommendations for changes to the Reitz Union Policy Manual and the Board of Managers Operating Procedures from other sub-committees.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee familiarize themselves as fully as possible with the financial operations of the Reitz Union and to provide needed information on these matters during deliberations of the Board of Managers; reviews proposed budgets for Reitz Union operations with the Reitz Union Executive Director or his/her representative; reviews monthly Reitz Union income and expense summaries; and reviews the basic rates charged by the Reitz Union for use of its facilities on an annual basis.

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee considers potential structural expansion, building improvements, services within the facility, future activities, and long range plans for the Reitz Union; considers and reviews sustainability initiatives as they pertain to the facilities, programs, and services of the Reitz Union; reviews all applications for student organization office, cubicle, and storage space and makes annual recommendations to the Board concerning its allocation.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for reviewing the marketing functions of the Reitz Union with the Associate Director for Administrative Services. Any recommendations for changing existing marketing methods will be presented to the Board of Managers for approval. The Chairperson of the Marketing Committee also serves on the campus-wide Food Service Advisory Board.

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