Presidential Service Awards

Recognizing the Accomplishment

The Presidential Service Award recognizes undergraduate and graduate students who dedicate themselves to promoting social justice, community awareness, and civic engagement on campus and in the community. This is award acknowledges students who made outstanding efforts in these areas and too often go unrecognized and unrewarded.

Outstanding Service Learning

Reanne Mathai

Reanne Mathai is a senior majoring in Biology. She serves as a manager for Florida Alternative Breaks (FAB) and BCLS Ambassador where she helps with multiple leadership and service opportunities for students. She has been heavily involved in FAB for multiple years in addition to doing research with the Florida Recovery Center where she worked with substance abuse and effective treatments for substance abuse disorders.

Her recommender stated, “Reanne is the type of student leader who will step up when others need help. Twice during her time as a FAB manager, she volunteered to go on two FAB trip experiences and serve as the primary leader for those experiences when one of the original Site Leaders could not uphold their commitment. Not many other UF students would be willing to serve their peers in that capacity.”

Outstanding Service Among Undergraduates

Adam Kozloski

Adam is a graduating senior majoring in Economics and Political Science. After transferring from the University of Miami he wanted to find a solution for long term problems in the community. He helped create Assembly for Action which is a program that selects 50 students who are paired with a local non-profit and then work to develop a proposal for a grant to solve an endemic problem for that organization. He worked tirelessly to make the program a reality by working with UF Administration, student government, UF colleges and the Gainesville community and was able to make it a success in 2018. They continue to funded numerous grants that have made a significant impact on the community such as a horticultural training program and pregnancy exams for the UF Mobile clinic.

Outstanding Service Among Graduate Students

Udit Relan

Udit is a Graduate student getting his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Throughout his time at the university he has worked heavily with the SKY club on campus which helps to promote stress-free life on campus through yoga and meditation. He has served as the President of the club where he has planned numerous events, meditation workshops and helping students with stress problems. He also helped to organize SKY Happiness event which gives a full scholarship to UF students who want to attend, and De-Stress meditation to help reduce exam stress among students and help promote a stress-free environment.

Presidential Service Awardees

Mario Abels
Megan Acosta
Samira Ahmed
Rifa Ali
Kaitlyn Are
Hannah Baker
Alexander Becsey
Sabrina Belizaire
Nilan Bhakta
Mallika Bhatta
Lauren Blakeley
Hannah Bodden
Kevin Bode
Alyssa Bowles
Alexis Brake
Sidney Broome
Richard Callum
Veer Choudhry
Brandon Climenhage
Nicole Davi
Payton Deandrea
Carlos Diaz
Webertline Dorlus
Linnea Dulikravich
D’Amour Edwards
Mariam Elsafty
Jorge Escobar
Corinne Evans
Kristin Fanto

Luke Farmer
Alfeil Felipe
Ally Fraser
Samantha Gibson
Kathy Gomez
Kevin Hao
Thalia Celia Hoyos
Lizet Huertas
Zoha Irfan
Emily Johnson
Gabrielle Johnson
Shannon Joseph
Abigael King
Marcel Komer
Adam Kozloski
Gregroire Lamonge
Christina Lim
Royi Lynn
Hannah Lyons
Reanne Mathai
Donovan Miller
Dwayne Moffatt
Brittany Nagel
Tran Ngo
James-Bond Nguyen
Leila Oberschall
Erick Ojeda
Maria Okoye
Rolando Otero

Nikhil Patel
Swati Patel
Mikaelyn Bree Pavlisin
Michaela Poitevien
Sum Chi Lydia Poon
Alyssa Quinn
Shreya Raman
Guadalupe Ramirez
Julia Ramirez
Michaela Nadia Rechdan
Udit Relan
Laura Robles-Torres
Sorilis Ruis-Escobar
James Rujimora
Nicole Rutkowski
Aaron Gabriel Sandoval
Paige Santiago
Madalyn Scheerhorn
Krunal Shukla
Venecia Street
Kelly Sutter
Stephanie Thompson
Giselle Tolentino
Brian Tran
Hannah Wilson
Nikhita Yadlapalli
Jessica Zheng
Alexander Zirulnik

David & Wanda Brown Center for Leadership & Service

The David & Wanda Brown Center for Leadership & Service provides the structure and resources to prepare students to become productive citizens and assume roles of leadership and service in a culturally diverse and increasingly complex society. The Brown Center fosters lifelong service and civic participation by engaging the University with its greater community in action, change, and learning.

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