It’s go time, gators.

The start of fall semester is always filled with buzzing excitement and new possibilities. Whether you are coming back to Gainesville, preparing to embark on your first semester, or joining us remotely, we are all excited to welcome you!

This semester will feel different, as we collectively navigate through historic and unprecedented times. We encourage you utilize all the resources available, both in-person and virtual, and take control of your student experience. So, let’s Go Gators. It’s go time!


Get the rundown on what to expect for fall semester if you are joining us in Gainesville, including policies and expectations related to COVID-19.

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We have a responsibility to ourselves, others, and our community. That's why #IPledgeFlorida.

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We know you want to bring it all, but please don't. Check out our list for this ‘must have’ & ‘I guess I can leave that’ items.

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Where Florida Meets You

The Great Gator Welcome is your official kick off to your time at UF.


Your hub for information regarding residence hall move in, including pre-arrival planning, health and safety precautions for move in and FAQs.

Gator care kits 

To support you in practicing healthy behaviors, UF is providing a drawstring backpack complete with masks, hand sanitizer and first-aid kits. Learn more on where to pick your kit up.


OneStop for all your enrollment needs. Take advantage of the convenience of total online customer service to answer any questions you may have regarding financial aid, tuition & fees, records & registration or admissions requirements. Our OneStop team answers questions by phone, email or Zoom, M-F, 8 am to 4:30 pm.

Virtual Student Union

Your digital hub for need-to-know resources, programs, services, and student events in one place.

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Essential Apps


The official safety app of University of Florida. This unique app provides you with added safety, by sending important safety alerts and providing instant access to campus safety resources.

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The GatorWay app lets you download guides that provides access to comprehensive schedules, including the Great Gator Welcome, detailed maps and broad social platforms in which to engage with other Gators.

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University of Florida

The mobile app of the University of Florida is designed to enhance your students experience. It allows you to navigate campus, view the latest news and events, and access a variety of UF academic and administrative resources.

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